• How do I access the live session?

    All of our courses are hosted using the Zoom platform.

    You will receive a link to the session within 24 hours of the event from katie@kalexvaluations.com. If you have not received the e-mail, please check your junk/spam folder and contact us.

  • Do you offer in-person as well as virtual sessions?

    Prior to COVID-19, we offered all of our sessions both in-person and virtual. During COVID-19, we pivoted to virtual sessions only. We are currently monitoring for an appropriate time to return to some in-person sessions and are in communication with our venues. We anticipate that we will continue offering all sessions virtually as well as some in-person in the future.

  • How long is the recording available for viewing on the website? What if I registered for a course and can no longer attend?

    The recordings are available for the foreseeable future. If you would prefer a refund, please give us at least 48 hours notice.

  • Do GTAAFN courses qualify for Professional Development hours for my governing body? Will I receive a PD certificate for my attendance/completion of the course?

    Yes, our courses qualify for the CPD requirements of all of the provincial CPA associations, CBV Institute and CFE. They should also qualify as CPD for other professional bodies such as CFDS, CFP, LSO, etc. Please contact us if you have any questions. Yes, the PD certificates are available for download under each course page once you log into your account.

  • What if I missed a session that I really want to attend? Do you have on-demand sessions?

    All of our sessions are recorded and offered as on-demand sessions. Scroll through our more than 100 on-demand sessions and view them at your convenience. All of our sessions are recorded and the recording will be available for viewing within a couple days of the session.

  • Do you have any discounted pricing or company/group packages available for purchase?

    Yes, we have developed the following pricing plans:

    a. Plan A (“short”) –10 PD hours for $350 plus HST
    b. Plan B (“venti”) - 20 PD hours for $645 plus HST
    c. Plan C (“trenta”) – 30 PD hours for $930 plus HST
    d. Plan D (“quaranta”) – 40 PD hours for $1,200 plus HST
    e. Plan E (“gigantesca”) – unlimited access for one year - contact us for pricing
    f. Plan F ("grande") - 25% off all PD for one year for $200 plus HST

    If you are interested, please contact katie@kalexvaluations.com

  • Are the course prices inclusive of HST/GST?

    Yes, all of our prices are inclusive of applicable tax.

  • Do I need any equipment to watch your courses live?

    No. However, we do recommend external speakers for better sound quality.

  • Are you looking for speakers or sponsors?

    Yes, we are always looking for new speakers and sponsors. If you have any such ideas, feel free to contact Melanie Russell at melanie@kalexvaluations.com.