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  • $170.00
  • 3.5 CPD hours
  • March 8, 2023

Course description

Are you thinking of starting a career in personal tax preparation? Are you a sole practitioner, or work within a small firm with some experience but looking to catapult your tax knowledge to the next level and help you become a more effective and trusted advisor?

In many situations, practitioners and new tax preparers are well versed and dependable in the fundamentals of personal tax and T1 preparation. And yes, the fundamental knowledge will get you a long way into preparing tax returns and advising clients. However, as any seasoned practitioner will tell you, many clients do not fit nicely into these simple scenarios and tax positions.

The Canadian tax landscape has grown exponentially in complexity over the last decade The CRA has become more frequent and aggressive in their reviews and application of tax positions. It is important to our practices and our clients that we are aware of the many pitfalls and traps that lie waiting for us in this challenging field.

This course will examine a number of areas in personal tax and will provide you with best practices, tips and hacks that you can apply in your practice immediately to ensure that you have a grasp on your clients’ tax compliance & reporting requirements.

Throughout the course, we will look at relevant court cases and CRA administrative guidance in these areas. Also provided will be tips and hacks from practitioners across the country. The following is a breakdown of some of the areas that will be discussed throughout this course:

Employment Income & Deductions – Take a deep dive into employment expenses and the most common adjustments and reassessments that arise on CRA reviews. The individual elements of the T2200 & T777 will be covered in detail along with court decisions to help navigate this often reviewed area of the personal tax return.

Rental Income & Principal Residence – Issues with claiming losses on rental statements; The challenges of not running a rental property in a commercial manner and cost-sharing arrangements Taking a deep dive into the principal residence exemption and change in use rules (Section 45 elections).

Investment Income & Deductions – Understanding the reporting of foreign income, the foreign income tax credit and foreign tax deduction; topics related to deducting carrying charges, what can and cannot be claimed; The T1135 and issues encountered when dealing with Specified Foreign Property; understanding how TOSI works and how to report it on the personal tax return.

Tax Credits & Deductions – Review and analysis of common issues with tax credits including a review on various caregiver and dependant credits and how they all work together to maximize benefits; understanding what is and what is not deductible as child care; proper reporting and filing of RRSP contributions and other deductions & credits.

Seniors & Students – Opportunities and challenges when preparing tax returns for seniors; planning and dealing with the OAS clawback; understanding pension income splitting and optimizing returns; special considerations when dealing with student tax returns and processing from a tax practitioner’s position.

Business Income – Preparing accurate and useful business returns that avoid CRA audit radars; understanding how vehicle expenses are deducted, including common CCA misconceptions; determining whether or not there actually is a business and the most commonly disallowed business expenses and how to plan ahead to make them deductible; Issues related to GST/HST and industry code reporting on the T2125.

The course presentation material is also designed to leave you with a valuable resource that you can tap into as you prepare tax returns. A number of resources, links and court cases will be provided for self-study and to further cement your personal tax knowledge and skills.

A good understanding of personal tax concepts and tax return preparation is assumed.


Ian DiNovo

Ian has been in involved in accounting & public practice for over 20 years, where he has consulted with hundreds of businesses and prepared thousands of Canadian personal and corporate tax returns.

Canadian Tax Academy is a unique and innovative learning enterprise dedicated to passing his knowledge and experience to students, new practitioners and others interested in private practice and accounting and bookkeeping businesses through web-based tutorials and courses.

He delivers comprehensive and practical courses and training in the areas of Canadian personal and corporate tax.