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    1. How to Stop Procrastinating - GTAANGTAFN

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  • $69.00
  • 1.5 CPD hours
  • April 28, 2023

Course description

You will discover:
  • Why it’s normal to indulge in procrastination;
  • How it can negatively affect you and why it’s a habit worth changing; and
  • Two things you can do to stop procrastinating and accomplish every task you need to in a way that feels good.
  • Instructor(s)

    Monica Bhardwaj

    Monica Bhardwaj, CPA, CA is a Certified Life Coach who helps people feel less stressed and anxious and more ease and confidence in all areas of their life. After over 20 years of working in the corporate world, she started to feel the mental and physical effects of stress and imbalance, which led her to life coaching. Monica uses practical, evidence-based tools that are rooted in cognitive science and mindfulness and are guaranteed to give you the mental and emotional freedom you long for. Learn more: